Unique, Data-Driven Design

Ama Fi is pioneering a NEW category of luxe-comfort smart casual shoes for daily wear.  Every aspect of our design is meticulously crafted using a foundation of real data, including population-based anatomical studies, clinical research, and insights from biomechanics. At Ama Fi, we merge style with science to create footwear engineered to prioritize foot and ankle health.


Perfect Fit, Supreme Comfort

Our ultimate focus at Ama Fi is achieving the perfect fit, sizing, and shape for our customers. We understand that these elements are crucial for optimal comfort and foot health. That's why every shoe in the Ama Fi collection is meticulously crafted using a uniquely designed, custom mold, rather than relying on prefabricated molds. This attention to detail ensures that each pair of Ama Fi shoes delivers an unparalleled fit and caters to the specific needs of our valued customers.


Designed to Perform

Ama Fi shoes are meticulously engineered to empower and seamlessly integrate with the active lifestyle of today's modern woman. Our footwear is designed to move effortlessly, perform at its best, and deliver seamless functionality. Whether you're running errands, attending meetings, or engaging in any activity, Ama Fi shoes are your reliable companion, providing both style and comfort to support your active endeavors. 


Medical Grade Arch Support

Ama Fi shoes feature a proprietary, meticulously designed insole, offering exceptional support to the arch, heel, knee, and lower back. We prioritize the well-being of your feet and body, and our carefully crafted footbeds provide targeted support where it's needed most. This allows you to tackle your daily activities with ease and confidence.